Spenser came to Warner to have a Senior Ultimate Package, and his family also decided it would be a great idea to get some family pictures done as well…ALL in the Same Day! They were such troupers and kept joking that the next time they should get a limo to cart them around all day. Understandable, because we spent five  hours with them! For an ultimate package one receives three sessions. One is located at our studio and the other two are your choice. Spenser decided he wanted to have one location at the YMCA swimming pool to get some action shots of him swimming. He then chose to go to the Bradley House at the end of the day,  and by this time he was so relaxed posing all over the place. His family was so much fun to spend time with. They seemed to always be laughing and ready for any challenge. Spenser was extra lucky because his three sisters were around during the day to throw out ideas and assist with fashion issues. Spenser will be graduating from Heritage High School next Spring, and with the support from his family I believe he is more than capable to take on anything! Best of Luck Spenser, it was great to get to know you and your wonderful family.

Senior Ultimate:Spenser!Senior Ultimate:Spenser!