What do I need to know to schedule my appointment?

In order to schedule your appointment we need to know which session you would like to do. If your session includes outdoor portraits which outdoor location you would like to go to? We schedule our outdoor locations at specific times to ensure the best possible lighting. You will want to check your calendar because we will also schedule your Design Session as well as your Presentation and Order Appointment. Have a credit card ready as we collect the session fee with scheduling.

What is a Design Session?

This is your chance to see the different options for your senior portraits. We typically schedule the Design Session about a week before your portrait session. We show you a slideshow of our favorite images, discuss clothing choices and talk about what you want from your senior portraits. This also gives you an opportunity to meet some of our staff.

What is a Presentation and Order Appointment?

This is your opportunity to view your portraits and place your order. Your Presentation and Order Appointment is typically scheduled a week and a half after your portrait session. Sit back, have something to drink while watching your slideshow. Bring everyone whose opinion matters along with a list of what you need. Most people order at this appointment, but if you are not ready we can always put your favorites on our website.

Studio Boys

Your Session

Can I bring my pet to be photographed with?

Absolutely! We have had all sorts of pets in the studio. It does tend to work best if you have someone else come so that they can take your pet home after it has had its picture taken. Pets can be a distraction in the studio when they are not being photographed. Some of the outdoor locations do not allow pets, so if you are wanting to be photographed with your pet outside you will need to choose a location other than the Chippewa Nature Center. We have photographed dogs outside the entrance of Dow Gardens, but they are not permitted inside of the gardens.

How many changes of clothes do I get?

We do not limit you on the number of clothes that you are allowed to wear. Our sessions are based on the amount of time, not the number of outfits. It’s best to come with your favorites in mind, because sometimes we aren’t able to get to everything. It’s always better to bring too much rather than too little. It seems that on average we do about 3 to 4 outfits in the studio and 2 to 3 outfits outside.

Do I need to bring someone with me?

We do not require anyone to be with you for your studio session, but many of our clients do have a parent or friend with them. We encourage you to do what you are comfortable with. We do, however, ask that someone comes with you to your outdoor session. Since sessions are based on time, seniors change their clothes on site. It’s helpful to have someone with you to hold your extra outfits.

What if it rains?

We try not to re-schedule your session if at all possible. We know that you have a busy schedule. If it rains, we monitor radar all day and will call you about an hour before your session to re-schedule.

Do I need an appointment to come pick up my order?

Yes, we like to know when you are coming so that we have someone available to help you. We also like to have your prints out and ready for you to look at when you arrive. Your pick-up appointment only takes about 5 minutes.


What should I wear?

Bring in your best and favorite outfits. A variety of styles works best. Try to bring a mixture of dark outfits and light outfits. Some casual as well as formal. Our goal is to create a portrait in which the eye of the viewer is drawn to the face, not the clothing.

Tips for Success:

  • Oversized clothing typically is not flattering in photographs.
  • Tight clothing will confine you and make you look uncomfortable.
  • If you want to appear as slim as you are, avoid horizontal stripes.
  • Sleeveless clothing can make you arms appear larger than they actually are.
  • Solids are best. Stripes and patterns can be distracting.
  • Choose colors that compliment your skin tones.
  • Apply make-up as you normally would. We recommend at least a minimum of lip gloss and mascara for girls.
  • Make sure your hands, nails, feet and toes are well groomed.
  • Guys make if you want a clean shaven look, shave before your session.
  • Avoid a new hairstyle or cut.
  • Commonly forgotten items include shoes, sock, belts and jewelry.
  • Glasses can cause glare and distortion. We strongly recommend you borrow a pair of frames from your optometrist or have the lenses removed for your session.
  • Don’t stress over blemishes. They are removed when your portraits are retouched. Be cautious of exposure to the sun before your session. Unlike blemishes and scars which can easily be removed, sunburn cannot be fixed.

Wall Portraits

How do I know what size wall portrait to get?

Our unique software allows us to import pictures (that you e-mail us) of possible portrait locations in your home. We then are able to project your favorite portrait on your wall in the actual size you would like to purchase. This is a great way to see how a wall portrait would look on your wall. We ask that you send us 3 pictures of different locations in your house where you would consider hanging your wall portrait. When taking the pictures, be sure to include a ruler or a yardstick so that we have a size reference. This is how we are able to show you the image in the actual size on your wall. No more guessing what size will look best!